Have you ever had to bribe your children to do something they did not want to do in the first place? Apparently 94% of parents do, and according to a recent survey here is why.

1. 66% of parents reward (bribe) their kids to finish their chores around the house and yard.

2. Getting decent grades, 60%

3. Behaving well when they go shopping in public, 48%

4. Train them to use the potty, 44%

5. Finishing what is left on their plate, 31%

6. Completing their homework, 28%

7. Trying to get them to stop crying, 18%

8. Ending a fight with their brothers and/or sisters 18%

9. Helping to get them to smile during a photo shoot, 8%

The poll also questioned parents on what they bribe their kids with. The number one answer was to do something "fun", like a trip to the park. Other responses included: cookie, followed by toys, more TV time, a later bedtime, and money.