The boys of One Direction spend a lot of time together touring, promoting various entities and traveling the world, so they know each other inside and out. In a recent interview, the boys revealed who the crankiest member is. Hint: It's not Harry Styles.

When discussing the dynamic among the members, Niall Horan revealed that the crabbiest and most confrontational member is – drumroll, please! — Louis Tomlinson.

Horan said, "If anyone’s likely to bicker in the group, it would be Louis!"

So LT is the lawyer of the group, ready to engage in verbal battle.

But despite being with one another on a near-constant basis, they aren't at one another's throats. Liam Payne admitted that they have the occasional (and healthy) argument, saying, "We all get on really well and just have a laugh. It’s like a group of kids at school having private jokes that the teachers aren’t in on."

He continued, "I’m not going to lie and say that we don’t have arguments because everyone has arguments, especially when you’re all thrown together into a situation, but it’s surprising how well we do get on." Silly things, like dinner, are what they "argue" over and even that's mild.

In other 1D news, the ladies man Styles was seen hanging with a blonde who wasn't Taylor Swift or Kimberly Stewart while in Barcelona. You can catch a glimpse of her (really just the back of her head, though) in the vid below.

Hazza is also said to be looking to shed his boyish image by bulking up. He's already lost some of his innocence with all those bad tattoos, but now he's added weight training to his regiment. The band's chef, Sarah Nichols, says Styles has been making sure to ingest proteins in order to aid his efforts to add some girth.

"Harry loves Asian food and is quite an adventurous eater," she said. "If he's tired he might choose the pasta dish, but most times he'll only have protein and vegetables."

Watch Harry Styles With a Mystery Blonde in Barcelona