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Remembering My Grandma Who Passed Two Years Ago
I am every thankful of my job around this time every year. Even though I am devastated by the loss of my grandma I appreciate the fact I have the ability to keep her memory alive.  It’s very important to me to make sure the memory of my grandma lives on, even with those that […]
Getting Skunked on the Missouri River
Well this one was for the books. I have been fly fishing for about 4 years with a good handful plus of trips taken to the Missouri River to fly fish and never have I been skunked…til now.  I did get to see some wildlife but that was the most action I saw. I am […]
Is Rolling Coal An Issue In Wyoming? [VIDEO]
Subscribe to 104.7 KISS-FM on Youtube dennis peace “Dick” was at the traffic light on Sunday when the light turned green. I heard him put his foot into his jacked up black pickup truck with huge tires and a manly black roll cage between two exhaust stacks of shiny chrome. I saw two clo…
Wyoming’s Lil’ Slice Of Hell [VIDEO]
Subscribe to 104.7 KISS-FM on Youtube The phrase “Go to hell” could involve a trip to Michigan where Hell is real and is for sale for under $1 Million. But for those of us in Wyoming, hell is a little smaller. Hell’s Half Acre is 40 miles west of Casper on the way to Shosho…
Launch Your Space Career From Wyoming [VIDEO]
Subscribe to 104.7 KISS-FM on Youtube A couple weeks back, I wrote on the 46th anniversary of the ill-fated Apollo 13 flight that was saved by brave and intelligent NASA astronauts and ground crew. Two of the key members of the team have Wyoming roots. Casper, Wyoming native Bill Stovall&#x…

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