Pink is very busy in her new video for the lovelorn ballad 'Just Give Me a Reason.' She cavorts in a bed with her tattooed husband Carey Hart (last seen in her 'So What?' video), snuggles up on a sheets-free mattress with a big teddy bear and gets a robust assist from fun. singer Nate Ruess. They do their duet justice by performing together intensely in this clip.

What else happens? The bed floats in water and on clouds. And the teddy bear has illuminated eyes, making him a little creepy. But the foul-mouthed Ted from the movie of the same name needn't worry about any sort of competition!

Pink goes for a swim, pines for her lost love, sings with Ruess using old-fashioned, handheld mics and watches him on the TV.

There's a lot of push and pull, and heartbreak.

Perhaps after her sexy, beat-the-crap-out-of-each-other dancing with a virile dude in the 'Try' video convinced Hart he needed to join his wife in one of her vids to show they are strong!