April 25 marks the 60th anniversary of Administrative Professionals Day, but a new survey reveals those who hold such jobs are increasingly using a far less modern term to describe themselves: secretaries.

In a recent survey of admins, the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) found a big bump in how many of them have “secretary” in their job title, marking a reversal in popularity for a term that’s been in decline for the past two decades.

The survey found the majority of admin professionals use the titles “executive assistant” or “administrative assistant,” but for the first time in several years, “administrative secretary” made the top three. In addition, the IAAP says the number of admins with “secretary” in their titles has gone from eight percent to nearly 15 percent in just two years.

So why the change? Some call it the “‘Mad Men’ Effect,” saying that the popular 1960s-set AMC series could be fueling nostalgia for the “classic image of the American corporate secretary.”

But no matter what you call admins, they’re crucial to office teams — so on Administrative Professionals Day (and every day, for that matter), be sure to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work.

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