I hate to admit this, but I have been the victim of jerk-like animal behavior. My Thoroughbred, Under Pressure, has jokingly mistaken my pony tail for hay, insinuating it had a rough course nature. He also thinks its funny to brace his front legs wide apart in front when I'm mounting, insinuating I have a large arse. Okay, so maybe I do.

Either way, I HAVE been a victim of animal jerkiness. I've had my leg humped by dogs. My cats have happily knocked off every single tchotchke I own onto the floor to break it. I have been scared, startled, mocked and tripped. I have been rudely awakened by incessant barking and had wonderful naps ruined by a well placed paw in the gut... And that's just some of the animal greatness you will see in this video. Enjoy!