Going to the State Fair this season? Remember, it's not just a place to mow down on the Vikings and Elephant Ears, or to see amazing performances by Jars of Clay and nationwide bull-riders. According to research, the fair is also a place to KILL YOURSELF. A veterinarian by the name of Dr. Jeff Bender warns that you really have to be careful at fairs. Not just ours, but all fairs in general...because the pigs might pass along a lethal dose of SWINE FLU.

Yeah, even the one's that earned a ribbon aren't certified to be clean and immune from spreading the disease.

In previous years, nearly 200 spectators and been diagnosed with a rare, and fairly new version of swine flu from the cute little oinkers at state fairs. The new variation of the flu is defined as H3N2v, known to give people who contract it fevers, coughs, and other sickly symptoms. And if you don't treat it, just like any other illness or disease, it very well could get worse.

Bender recommends that if you do attend the fair this year, WASH YOUR HANDS at any and all times before and after touching anything when you there, especially before eating. It's also smart to steer clear of pigs altogether especially if you are a toddler, pregnant, or over the age of 65.