It's unclear how well this student does in school, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say most people who attend college could sure learn from this guys work ethic.

An 18 year old student by the name of Bradley Halton from London had a pretty big test last week, but not before five thugs ATTACKED him. They viciously beat him up, even STABBED him with a screwdriver four times. 

What Bradley did next was astounding. He dabbed his stab wounds with Kleenex and headed off to class to take the test! And only afterwards did he take himself to the hospital. Now THAT'S some serious determination.

Well, thank God the wounds weren't enough to kill him, the student is recovering. Still, no word on how well he did on the test.

It's not clear why the guys attacked him, although it had been reported that fight may have been over race . . . the cops are still looking for the assailants.

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