A lot of people are loving the DIY projects. Saves money and it is fun. I recently got a cheap camper and started fixing it up. Today we talk rust. 

There is a really cool website called life hacker and of course many others that give you DIY cleaners and removers. The reason doing it yourself is important when it comes to rust it you want to try to protect the metal that isn't rusted and nto damage ti further. So if you are doing a summer project and you need to get some rust off, try one of these methods.

1. Vinegar. Simply cover what you are cleaning and let it sit for a day, then wipe clean.

2. Lemon or Lime with salt or sugar. Apply this mixture over the rusted surfaces and scrub it off after a couple of hours.

3. Baking Soda can be an easy one for household rust. Make a paste with water, apply and let sit for a while then scrub off.

4. Molasses? I actually found this on a website for natural homemade products. They say "This method is very useful in removing rust from gardening tools and similar metal objects. Fill a plastic bucket with twelve parts water and one part molasses. Dip the rusted metal object in this solution. Remove it once you feel the rust has dissolved completely. Rinse with water and wipe the object dry."

Who knew?

Then if you just can't get it, try chemicals but as a last resort.