The Super Happy Fun Times Burlesque troop made a stop for a show at the Beacon Club on Monday and if you missed it, you really missed a super fun time!!

Not really knowing what to expect from this show, I went into the Beacon Club with an open mind and was soon laughing out loud at the troop's irreverent brand of comedy and parody songs / mixed with striptease.

Music, puppets, acrobatics, dancing and more were mixed together during the evening much to the crowds delight.

During a brief mid-point intermission, the troop paraded through the crowd selling raffle tickets giving those in attendance a chance to win several prizes, including an opportunity to go on stage and have one of the dancers perform - just for you.

Thank goodness I didn't win the final prize - albeit, I'm sure the winner didn't expect his special dance would end up like this!

I'd recommend that the next time the Super Happy Fun Time Burlesque show makes its way back to Casper, that you get there early for the best seats.  You can bet I'll be there - ready to have a super happy fun time!

WARNING: Video contains ADULT SITUATIONS (and kind of gross)