Casper Wyoming

My Next Wyoming Summer Hobby
I am all about the hobbies and this summer I want to add another one to my extensive list of things I like to do. I use to do this a bit years ago and I loved it. I would like to do it more and learn how to do it better.
A History of Floods in Wyoming [VIDEO]
Wyoming has a history of floods dating back to the 1800's. July 1895 here in Casper, a wall of water said to be 20 feet tall swept down Garden Creek and obliterated a camp site killing three.
Is Wyoming a Pot Loving State
Estately is at it again, this time making a map of the states who are ‘green’ enthused.  Yes it’s an actual map of who is the most marijuana enthused in the country. So where does Wyoming fall? Well according to the map we are more toward the not enthused side or right in t…

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