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Wyoming’s Most Iconic Comic Book Villain: Archibald Morton
The United States of Comic Book Characters recently ranked the most popular comic book characters from in each state. Their pick for Wyoming's most iconic character was Archibald Morton, the second Chemistro and nemesis of Power Man.
Morton first appeared in the 37th issue of the popular Po…
Inaugural Cheyenne Comic Con Coming in May
Freaks and geeks, rejoice. Cheyenne is getting its own Comic Con. Yesterday, organizers announced the inaugural Cheyenne Comic Con, a three day event to be held May 13th - 15th at the Little America Resort.
7 Little Known Super Hero Facts [VIDEO]
As an avid comic book fan, I consider myself to be quite knowledgeable at all things super-heroic. But here are a few little known comic books. Some of these I knew, some I didn't and some I actually even forgot. No matter what though, these were pretty interesting. Have you ever noticed when …
September 25 Is National Comic Book Day
As an avid comic book collector, the fact that yet another archaic holiday slipped by me, in this case at least, was a shocker. I've been a serious comic book collector since roughly around age 15. My collection at one point was valued at upwards of $25,000...