Crime Stoppers

Hit & Run Accidents: Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week
There have been a high number of hit and run traffic accidents recently. These accidents have forced several victims to pay insurance deductibles and expensive repair bills that should have been the responsibility of the suspect driver.
Hit & Run: Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week
Sometime between 11:30 at night on October 22nd and 1:30 in the morning of October 23rd, a newer Ford F150 two tone, grey pickup struck multiple vehicles in the parking lot of 5240 Blackmore Road.
Store Burglary: Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week
On August 13th at approximately 1:24 in the morning, officers responded to 125 E. 2nd Street, Lou Taubert’s Ranch Outfitters, for a business burglary. Upon arrival, officers found glass broken out of one of the front doors of the business.

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