Detroit Pistons’ Dance Cam Has Gotten Serious! [VIDEO]
Having (finally) made it to a live NBA game myself, I've seen a few of the cool things that can happen on the spot, especially once the cameras get involved . But one of the cutest and coolest things I've seen is the Detroit Piston's Dance Cam.
This Amateur Dad Dance Crew Has Skills!!! [VIDEO]
This is how you get into the Christmas spirit. These five dads showed off their dancing skills with a pretty awesome routine, especially when you take into account these guys have to at least be in their forties... maybe older! Whatever the case may be, it didn't stop these guys from getting do…
Hot Dancer In Prague Hosts A Twerking Class [VIDEO]
Anet Antošová has some excellent twerk videos... and I mean actually twerking, as in the dance. She's a professional dancer from Prague that has worked with Kanye West before. Her videos have been going viral all over Facebook in the last year. Maybe that's why she decided to st…
And This Is Why There Are Daddy’s Girls! [VIDEO]
Dads will do anything for their baby girls... including embarrassing themselves in public! Here's to the dads that just don't give a damn! After all, the families that dance weird together... Ummm... dance weird together! Of course they're dancing to disco...

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