Fly Fishing

Winter Fly Fishing Woe, Rod Guides Icing Up
I love to fly fish all year round and in the winter there is more then one worry and woe to think about while winter fly fishing. You have ice and cold water, changing conditions and bad weather, but there is one woe that stands out to me as the hardest one to deal with.
My Top Fly Fishing Trips of 2016
I have been really fortunate this year to go on some fishing trips that are priceless. Not all of them involve catching fish. There have been a lot of first for me too this year.
Fall Fly Fishing Photos
I absolutely love fall fly fishing, not only is it good fishing it is also beautiful! The brown trout spawn should be happening soon I think. So great to be outside breathing the great mountain air and trying to catch some fish.
Bow Fishing for Carp
Well another first in the books for me this weekend. Thanks to Shari and Sheila for having me out to Canyon Ferry for some bow-fishing.

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