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Casper Rapper Doc Suess Featured In New Music Video [NSFW]
Subscribe to 104.7 KISS-FM on Youtube Jordan “Doc Suess” Suess has had a big last few weeks! He appeared on Maury (and stole the show with his witty banter), along with two of his friends. This week he’s featured on a Hip-Hop music video with Arizona rapper, Stretch Lexx. T…
Casper Rapper ‘Doc Suess’ Releases New Music Video
Subscribe to 104.7 KISS-FM on Youtube Wyoming has a very large Hip-Hop scene that many outside the genre don’t realize exists. A large number of these rappers are transplants, but there’s still a good portion that were born and raised right here in the Cowboy State. Jordan Suess a.k.a.…
6 Rap Songs About Wyoming [VIDEOS, NSFW]
Wyoming is known for a lot of things, unfortunately Hip-Hop & Rap songs does not land anywhere close to the top of that list. After the latest Cowboy State-themed single from Afroman, it did make us wonder how many other 307-based rap songs are out there.
L’eto Kills At Hip-Hop Dance Competition [VIDEO]
The b-boy dance element has largely be removed from the Hip-Hop scene with the emergence of more hardcore music, a fact which needs to change. Enter L'eto. At a recent dance battle, he showed his process incorporating some Muay Thai-like martial arts moves, krumping and some all around fantasti…

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