iPad Falls 100,000 Foot Drop From Space…And Still Works [VIDEO]
So, I dropped my iPhone a while ago into my toilet. This is what happens when you try to text message while you're peeing. It happened somewhat in slow-motion. And then it was gone. After drying off(and don't even ask me how I got it out), she took a while to turn back on. And by a while, I mean it …
Friskies Makes iPad Apps for Cats [VIDEOS]
Given how popular cats are on the internet, it’s no surprise that Friskies — makers of delicious cat food (or so our cats tell us) for over 50 years — recently rolled out a line of tablet-based apps just for cats. Featuring movements, shapes and colors tailored to appeal to kitty’s sensibilities, yo…
Chinese Teen Sells Kidney for iPad 2
Xiao Zheng, a 17-year-old living in China, wanted an iPad 2 so badly that he was willing to sell one of his vital organs to get it.
Zheng didn't have the money for the tablet computer so he responded to an online ad that offered cash for healthy kidneys...
Apple Announces iPad 2
Apple made more news today as they announced the all new iPad 2. The announcement opened with Steve Jobs, looking "good", relaying sales figures that Apple has seen over the past year. Then Jobs rolled into the big unveiling of iPad Part Deux. The iPad 2 ships March 11th!