That was quick! ‘The Lorax’ hit theaters earlier this month and has proven to be a massive success. In fact, it’s the highest grossing movie of the year so far. As a result, producers are already toying around with the idea of a sequel — and Taylor Swift and Zac Efron may reprise their roles!

“Even though they don’t have a book to base the sequel off, Universal is trying to figure out a way to make another one, since it’s been such a monster box office hit,” a source told Hollywood Life, “and they’d love to have Taylor back.”

We bet Swift would love to be part of the sequel too. The ‘Eyes Open‘ singer starred as Audrey, and she adored the part. “I loved her. She’s heavenly. She’s such a day dreamer, and she cares so much about the past, which is what makes her different from everyone else in the society that she lives in,” Swift said. “To some degree, you have to have a priority based on the past and the future as well as the present, and she cares about the trees that used to exist.”

While Swift is enjoying the box office success of her environmentally conscious flick, it may not be the year’s biggest grosser for long. The movie, while hugely popular, looks to be usurped by this weekend’s ‘The Hunger Games.’ We don’t think Swift will be too upset about that, though — she recorded two songs for the soundtrack!