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Teenagers are prone to being moody, self-centered and reckless.  What may surprise you, is the reason why.  According to a study, their brains function differently when they do something they enjoy.

What we now know is that the teen brain is changing rapidly once puberty hits. The prefrontal cortex of the brain is where more complicated behaviors are regulated – more complex decision making, expressing one's personality, guiding one's social interactions. This area of the brain has a bit of a renaissance during adolescence. Connections between these brain cells occur at high rates again after being relatively stable throughout childhood. Teen brains also grow more white matter in certain areas of the brain during this time, in the frontal lobe and the parietal lobe. These areas of the brain deal with many different processes, including reasoning, judgment, impulse control.

A study of rats found more neurons were activated in adolescents’ brains as they received tasty treats than those of adults — meaning they ‘over-process’ rewards and become vulnerable to addictive or impulsive behavior.

How do you deal with your moody teen?