A few months ago, my friend Tina posted a weight loss challenge on Facebook. The idea was to get a group together and see who could lose 20lbs in a healthy way, the fastest. The losers when then cough up $50 to the winner.

Sounds like great motivation, right? Well, turns out everyone faded out because they didn't put their money in up front. No worries though! We've brought it back again and this time there's just four of us total and money isn't the focus. Supporting each other through a life change is. We have our own little secret page on Facebook and everything. The only problem is that I'm behind!

I've been watching what I eat and recording it faithfully with the Livestrong app on my smartphone and Keith and I have even joined one of those 24 hour gyms so there's no excuse to not go! Between the gym and the horses, I thought I'd have this thing whipped, but not so much! Anyone have any good nutrition advice? Help a girl out because I plan to finish this challenge and then start another with anyone willing to get the weight off and keep it off! Losing weight is hard and I've found it's easier to do with a little help from your friends!