The NBA action is still coming in bunches to keep the countdown at 10, so let's get right into it.

10.) Starting it off in Denver, the Pelicans' Jrue Holiday executes the perfect spin move and gets the easy lay-up after freezing the Nuggets' Randy Foye.

9.) In Memphis, with time running out on the 1st quarter, ex-Denver Nugget and current Timberwolf, Corey Brewer drains the trifecta.

8.) Back at the Pepsi Center, the Pelicans' big man Louis Amundson gets the monster put-back after the Austin Rivers miss.

7.) Denver gets some payback after the Ty Lawson steal, it's off to the races as the Nuggets' Randy Foye throws the lob high into the night to a sprinting Manimal, Kenneth Faried, and he slams it home.

6.) In Phoenix, Andrew Bogut comes up with the rebound and dishes the behind-the-back pass to Stephen Curry who hits the 3! Nice pass big guy!

5.) In OKC, the Thunders' Kendrick Perkins at the freethrow line misses, but Russell Westbrook comes flying in for the tip-in.

4.) In Motor City, Josh Smith on the run out throws up the alley which is brought down smooth by fellow Piston Andre Drummond.

3.) Corey Brewer makes his 2nd appearance on the highlight reel with this steal that leads to the dunk.

2.) The Kings' Isaiah Thomas, spins and drops the dime to DeMarcus Cousins for the big slam.

1.) But the top spot goes to Portland's Damian Lillard, for his shake and bake move and finish that put the Trailblazers up 2 points as the game clock winds down in Detroit.