Seven games of NBA action last night keeps the highlight reel at 10. And here they are!!!

10.) We start things off in Los Angeles as the Manimal, Kenneth Faried accidentally tips one in for the Lakers. That's okay though, because the Nuggets' small forward double times it the length of the court and catches the alley oop the other way for 2! Way to stay positive, youngster!!!

9.) In Dallas, the Knicks' Carmelo Anthony chases down Shawn Marion for the sweet rejection!

8.) Back in L.A., the Lakers' Nick Young aka Swaggy P gets some payback with this dunk on the Nuggets.

7.) In our nations capital, the Warriors' Steph Curry gets the nice hang time and super athletic up and under move. He's been using that piece of weaponry quite effectively in the last few games.

6.) We move to Miami, where the Toronto's Kyle Lowry gets the steal and then the nice fed to Amir Johnson for the slam.

5.) Same game, Lebron on the miss, but that's alright when you have a Birdman... Chris Andersen for the clean-up jam.

4.) Back in the city of angels, little guy to little guy, the Nuggets' Ty Lawson throws the lob to everyone's favorite Lil Big Man, Nate Robinson who slams it home nicely.

3.) And more Nate Robinson dunkage, as he adds two more put-back dunks to his 3 dunk total last night. Watch the disgust on the face of Lakers' big man, Pau Gasol.

2.) In OKC, the Thunders' Serge Ibaka gets the block, which in turn jump-starts the offensive fast break as KD drops the dime to Reggie Jackson for the power dunk.

1.) But the top spot goes to Steph Curry for this beautiful off the backboard alley oop to Andre Bogut for 2! Beautiful pass!