Only 3 games of NBA action last night, and here are you top 5 highlights.

5.) We start things off in Memphis with a little "D" for defense as the Grizzlies' James Johnson rejects the Hawks' Jeff Teague. Always nice to see a Wyoming native putting in work.

4.) Same game, this time Atlanta's Shelvin Mack hits the half-court trifecta to end the 3rd quarter.

3.) Keeping it in Memphis, The Grizzlies' Tayshaun Prince gets the nice out of bounce save, runs back in bounds and gets the easy dunk.

2.) Moving on to San Antonio, the Spurs' Jeff Ayres gets some nice air with the monster jam.

1.) The top spot goes to the Cavs' C.J. Miles for his half-court three in traffic to cap off the end of the 1st quarter. However, it wasn't enough as the Kings come up victorious.