Miami Heat fans are probably not too happy with last nights game. They probably won't enjoy today's highlight reel either!

#5: Tim Duncan, dunkin' it in hard after the sweet pass from Tony Parker.

#4: Timmy D again with the rejection on Mario Chalmers. Nice hustle too, diving to inbound the ball for the save.

#3: Kawhi Leonard with the steal and nice feed to Manu Ginóbili for the big slam. One of Miami's 16 turnovers!

#2: Gary Neal with the behind-the-back pass to Kawhi Leonard for the dunk.

#1: The Heat finally making the countdown with Norris Cole's diving steal, then passing to Ray Allen for a behind-the-back feed to (who else?), LeBron James for the slam.

The Spurs taking game 3 by a very nice margin.