Here are the top 5 plays of last nights NBA Eastern Conference Playoff action:

#5: D. Wade with the defensive stop on one end with a baby block and then running the floor the other way for the easy lay-up on the feed from LeBron.

#4: We continue the great Miami "D" with a block from King James who then runs the court and once again finds Wade for an easy 2.

#3: The Pacers' Roy Hibbert soars over Chris "Birdman" Andersen for the hook shot and the plus one.

#2: Another beautiful block from LeBron James, this time on Indiana's George Hill. Look at how high he was over the rim!!! His hand was higher than the square!!!

#1: Lance Stephenson's last minute 3-pointer to close out the third quarter rounds out the top 5. This ignited the Pacers eventual victory over the Heat.