A couple of games of NBA action last night, the top 5 plays are on the board!!!

5.) The Rockets' James Harden starts of the countdown with this powerhouse slam against the Knicks.

4.) The Knicks get a little payback with this alley-oop from Raymond Felton to Kenyon Martin. K-Mart with the blue light special.

3.) Same game (where's the defense New York?) as Chandler Parsons' takes it right down the middle for the dunk.

2.) The Thunder's Russell Westbrook drains the trifecta from a good 5-feet behind the line which puts them up 1 point against The Warriors with 2.3 seconds left on the clock in the 4th.

1.) Too much time on the clock though as Andre Iguodala drains the last second shot for the Golden State victory or OKC.