As a life-long Wu-Tang Clan fan (try to say that fast three times), I make it my business to check out all things Wu. Whether it be a new Wu-album, a Wu-comic book, a Wu-movie or even a Wu-article, I'm up my knowledge... including the new secret album the veterans are releasing. But aside from music, the so-called leader of the clan, the RZA, has been keeping himself busy in the martial arts movie world.

The RZA, born Roberts Diggs, has worked on many a soundtrack for the martial arts genre. His resume includes, Kill Bill, Ghost Dog, Afro-Samurai, War and a argument can be mad for Blade: Trinity. Lately though, he's stepped into the acting aspects. He starred and directed The Man With The Iron Fists, he played the old ninja "Blind Master" in G.I. Retaliation and is starring as the main villain opposite Tony Jaa in The Protector 2.

The RZA is obviously not new to the camera after appearances in almost 30 movies and television shows, but adding the martial arts to the already impressive resume may be just what the sensei ordered. He looks ready to me. Check out the fight seen above and decide for yourself.