If you thought the boys in the Wanted were cute, wait til you see their honorary sixth member! While at their video shoot for ‘I Found You,’ the British boy band inducted an adorbs pooch named Boris into their group. And from the looks of it, he fits in beautifully!

The band tweeted a slew of photos from behind-the-scenes of their shoot, and it looks like it was a pretty good time. They bonded with Boris quite a bit, with Tom Parker taking, uh, quite a liking to the dog and Max George nuzzling his face. Aww! Also, anyone else digging Max’s hair? With a face (and abs!) like that, he can pretty much pull off anything.

All that puppy love appears to have made Max a bit sleepy, because he was also photographed dozing off on a chair on set. Maybe he was dreaming of getting a dog of his own! What’s more, Tom and Max both got a few battle scars from the shoot, with Tom sporting a visible scratch on his face and Max tweeting, “Few cut and bruises from today’s shoot #kickass.”

Other shots from the shoot show the guys in sharp suits, with Nathan Sykes sporting his with high-top sneaks and a wallet chain, proving you can be dapper and bada– at the same time. In another photo, Jay McGuiness looks like a knight in black armor, rocking head-to-toe onyx, including a black motorcycle jacket, and appearing ready to joust.

‘I Found You’ is the band’s first single from their upcoming third album. Between the falsetto hook and synths, it’s shaping up to be a hit — and we can’t wait to see the video for it, especially if Boris is the star.

Listen to the Wanted, ‘I Found You’