For this week's Throwback Thursday video we're taking it down to North Carolina with Petey Pablo!!!

Petey's first single was 'Raise Up', which was produced by Timbaland. The song was so successful, Pablo released quite a few remixes, including an a All Cities version and a special 911 version following the World Trade Center attack. Unfortunately, he was incarcerated (again!) in September 2010 attempting to board a plane with a stolen semi-automatic handgun. On the upside, he was recently released and plans to get back in the studio with Tim.

Considering tomorrow is Independence Day, I figured this was the perfect song to get you in the mood for fireworks and the rest of the festivities popping off for July 4th. No other time could be more perfect to: "take you shirt off, twist it 'round ya head, spin it like a helicopter!!!"