For some reason I can't ever get to sleep when I want. Whenever I'm super tired in the time it takes me to put on my Pj's, brush my teeth, and actually get in bed, I've moved around enough that I'm awake again, so here's how my usual night goes...
I'm so tired I can't even stand it

So I go to bed but by the time I get to bed...

So I decide to check Facebook to pass some time

I turn off my computer, but then I get a text

So then I surf the web on my phone

But now I'm tired again so I decide to finally put my phone down. And survey the room to make sure there's no murderers or anything...

And there isn't so I attempt to sleep, but I can't get comfortable

I finally find that sweet spot

And inevitably I hear a noise, and assume that there is a murderer in my room

After several moments of panic, I pull the covers over my head to protect myself

Then FINALLY I fall asleep