So today my pup turned one! It is so sad, when I got Wrigley she was only 7lbs but now she's a whopping 45! Not quite as big as my chocolate Lab, Bailey (who is 90lbs!) but she's grown so much! Since it's her first birthday I couldn't resist, I had to go and get her a party hat, and a birthday cupcake (the doggy friendly kind of course)! But it made me wonder, I'm not the only one this crazy....right?

Melissa Awesome/KISS FM

I looked up some statistics and learned a few interesting things!

  • 49% of dog owners celebrate their dogs birthday while only 20% of cat owners do.
  • 81% of dog owners know their dogs birthday.
  • 77% of dog owners have bought their dog a toy on their birthday.
  • These statistics came from here :)

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not one to throw an all out party for my dog, but Wrigley did get a party hat, a cupcake, and a couple new toys! So I want to know, do you celebrate your pets birthdays?!