So when did vacations become 'working vacations?' Where did true, honest to God vacations escape to? You know, the kind where you could just turn it all off and decompress?

I blame our generation. I think it all started with Summer reading lists and then things just started creeping in, like little insidious pests that you can never seem to get rid of... Email, text, social media... They all make it harder to disconnect.

Now more than ever, when you get a day off, you really NEED it to be a day off. So why are people so quick to call for something trivial when it's something they could easily handle? I don't know about you. All I need is one little text to start thinking about work which then turns into me worrying about what's getting forgotten, not being done, etc... Boom! There's goes any relaxation or peace of mind I might have been enjoying.

It literally takes most people, in my humble opinion, at least four days to really RELAX. So think about that before you reach out to a co-worker who is striving for a little mental health. Or maybe you lie and tell your co-workers you'll be someone where with no cell service. Too bad I just learned about the Sanity app today. It would have came in handy last week. Now that's a life hack I can get down with! Meanwhile, keep posting those pictures of your feet on the beach while I (among others) silently curse you. Just in case you were wondering, I did have a nice vacation last week and my LASIK totally rocks. My office mates are perfect, of course! Have a great day!