Lots of smart, beautiful women these days are all making the same mistake: The more successful they are, the more they want a good-looking mate! And they don't just want their guy to be hot -- they want him to be masculine, loving, educated and making big bucks.

Problem is, attractive guys don't make the best husbands. Research shows that guys rated as the most masculine tended to have higher testosterone levels. And guys with more testosterone are 43 percent more likely to get divorced, 31 percent more likely to split because of marital problems and 38 percent more likely to cheat on their mates.

Experts say women should choose guys who are less attractive because studies show that couples where the woman is hotter are happier than the other way around.

Just Asking: What is your main criterion when looking for a mate? Does he have to be hot? Buff? Brilliant? A billionaire? What is the worst thing about dating a hot guy? The best?