If you feel Robin Williams deserves one last standing 'O,' you can stand with fans all over the USA On Monday, August 25th at 4pm ET.

There's a Facebook campaign afoot  that's urging fans to stand for one final standing ovation for the late actor and comedian that was loved by so many.

Asking for "one last curtain call for a man who made our life a little better one laugh at a time," the organizers of the unofficial event urge people in San Francisco -- near where Williams lived -- and nationwide to participate in a "one-minute standing ovation," adding, "Make it the loudest...ever!"

"C'MON USA LETS HEAR IT," say the organizers. "If you're in your car, honk that horn!"

Participants are also asked to wear red.

We have made a decision to do a Casper version of the Standing Ovation for Robin Williams at 2:00 PM Monday, August, 25th. We will gather in City Park and hope you and your friends will join us to say goodbye. Please wear RED, if you can to show support for those suffering from depression.