The wait is almost over! Wiz Khalifa has unveiled the cover art of his latest mixtape ‘Taylor Allderdice,’ which is due to hit the Internet on March 13. The title refers to his former high school in Pittsburgh, Pa. The newly-engaged rapper is dressed to the nines on the vintage-looking cover.


The antique-filtered photograph features Wizzy puffing on a blunt standing in a casual pose. He’s draped in a Chanel scarf over a jean jacket, pants and Timberland boots. And since he’s always on the go, Wiz is carrying a leather travel bag.

The ‘Taylor Allderdice’ mixtape boasts the previously-released sunshine-y anthem ‘California‘ and the marijuana ode ‘Mary 3X.’ The collection also includes guest appearances from his Taylor Gang cronies Juicy J, LoLa Monroe and Chevy Woods. On the production end, beats were provided by in-house producer Cardo and Sledgren, as well as Lex Luger and Harry Fraud.

The mixtape should hold fans over until the release of Wiz’s second album ‘O.N.I.F.C.,’ which is an acronym for “Only N—a in First Class.” For people who are not comfortable with the N-word, there is a cleaner version of the album called ‘One Night in First Class.’ The explicit title represents how Wiz’s life has changed since being an up-and-coming artist to now a millionaire rapper. No official release date has been set for the album.