I don't pride myself on being overly athletic.  I don't participate in many sports.  I don't even watch sports very often.  It's not that i'm uncoordinated, i'm just apathetic towards being athletic, so I may not have much room to talk.  But after watching this, I feel like Micheal Jordan.

The man featured is a fan shooting a half court shot for some sort of prize during a game.  A half court shot is not an easy one to make.  Thousands of fans are watching, not to mention all the folks at home tuning in to the game.  The pressure is on.  If one were to sign up, or have an inclination that they would be shooting this shot, they would probably be somewhat prepared.  Unfortunately this is not the case for this poor attendee.  Despite my lack of zest for sports, I feel I could have done much better.  How about you?

Leave a comment if you think you could do a better job.