Hey friend, you’re looking a bit tired. Seems like you could use a break. As the weather cools, our minds turn to vacations. Puzzled about what kind of vacation you’d like to go on? We’ve got some tips to help you plan a WTF vacation you’ll never, ever forget.

First, figure out what you’re looking to do. Are you looking for an adventure?

Or would you rather kick back?

If your job is seasonal, you could probably use some downtime, after the busy season.

Out of work? All the more reason to de-stress.

Need to bring the fam with you? That’s ok! Vacations are a great way to teach kids about the world.

Remember: Think outside of the box! Everyone swims with dolphins…

Of course, if you do something cheesy, be sure to document it for posterity.

In fact, take every chance to document; you’ll want to remember it all. Some vacations, like cruises, have built in photo studios where you can take a fun vacation portrait.

If you end up caught without a camera, though, make sure to write it all down. This is a vacation you’ll never want to forget.