Ah, yes. Live TV. So much can go wrong when the cameras are rolling. However, the show MUST go on even when unforeseen technical glitches hinder the broadcast.

Just check out what this quick thinking weather reporter by the name of John Bernard Shrable at an ABC affiliate in Casper, Wyoming had to do just moments after he learned that his weather graphics crashed. This forced the Good Morning Wyoming K2 TV anchor to improvise his delivery of the station's weather forecast, sans computer graphics, by preparing the rundown on a paper sketchpad with colorful Crayola markers.

If you ask us? This is the way it should be done! Scrap the flashy backgrounds and the computer generated sun and cloud animations. In fact, let's get the anchors to ditch the desks and prompters. Bring back Morse code! Smoke signals! Give it to us Au naturel.

Whatever the case, this news team certainly seems prepared for anything. And we admire them for it.