If you agree with this list of the best American states ranked number 50 to number one, then we will take most of the credit for sharing it. But if you disagree, then blame these guys...

A website by the name of Thrillest took on the daunting (and very controversial) task of placing each state into a worst to first list and Wyoming didn't fair too bad in the rankings. They took "contributions to America" into consideration when compiling this chart. Things like inventions, quality of food and drink, famous people, scenery and other things that make the state stand out from the rest.

The number one state in America? Not Wyoming....

Actually the best state, again in their opinion, was Michigan. Credited for its beautiful coastline yet almost docked in points for being the home of Kid Rock.

The worst state honors belonged to Florida. Why? Well, it's Florida.

Wyoming came in middle of the pack at #26! Here's what Thrillest had to say about our fine state...

A state as played by Jack Palance in City Slickers, you’ll recognize Wyoming as the one eating bull fries and venison jerky, dressed in gold and brown, talking shit about Colorado. It should be given credit for creating the USA’s first national park in Yellowstone, and giving teenage boys everywhere a chance to snicker at the Grand Tetons.

And while Thrillest may rank us towards the top one-third of the best states, locals simply cannot help but consider our Wyoming as number one, if only in our hearts and minds.


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