According to a new study released by the personal finance social network WalletHub, Wyoming ranks sixth in the country for the most charity organizations per capital and tenth for median contributions to those charities.

The study analyzed the most and least charitable states in America based on several factors, including volunteer rates and the % of the population that donates time or money to local to charitable causes.  Overall, the Equality State is ranked as the 15th most charitable place in the nation.

Here's how Wyoming stacked up in each of the eight categories they studied:

  • 18th – Volunteer Rate
  • 22nd – % of Donated Income
  • 17th – % of Population Who Claim to Have Donated Time
  • 24th – % of Population Who Claim to Have Donated Money
  • 10th – Median Contribution to Charity
  • 6th – Number of Charities per Capita

Wyoming's neighbors are also well represented in the study.  Utah was ranked as the most charitable state in the country.  South Dakota finished second, Kansas was tied for third place, Nebraska placed fifth and Colorado was ranked 12th overall.

The full report can be found at