Producer and DJ extraordinaire, Zedd, released his latest music video, 'I Want You To Know', which features vocals from Selena Gomez, via YouTube on March 10th, 2015. In the first 22 hours it was live, it had already been viewed over 2 million times!

The single was written by Zedd, KDrew and One Republic frontman, Ryan Tedder. Although the beat is somewhat similar to the Zedd produced track, Break Free, and no one will argue that Ariana Grande has a much better singing voice then Selena, I actually like 'I Want You To Know' better (which is hard to admit because I like both songs and I have a small crush on Ms. Grande).

One thing is for sure, the song is a hit. Zedd appears to have the Midas touch as of late. Their short time onscreen during the video has already got the tabloids talking about if he and Selena are an item. I think we'll just focus on the music though... until or when one of them speaks up.