When I tell you it takes a "special kind" of person to live in Wyoming, it's nothing you don't already know.

The outside world just doesn't understand! Wyomingites are outdoorsy people and nothing will keep them from enjoying the wide openness of this beautiful land.

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    Wyoming, home to Yellowstone National Park which houses the Yellowstone Caldera, however Wyomingites aren't afraid of no Super Volcano! Nothing keeps Wyoming from enjoying the great outdoors!

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    Wyomingites love where they live. The crowds are small and the vast openness that some may call "emptiness" Wyomingites call solitude!

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    'Greenies!' Need I say more? Nothing irritates people in Wyoming like Coloradans crossing the border with their opposing views on politics, the overcrowding they present at lakes and other recreational areas.

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    Carbonated beverages are 'pop' in Wyoming. Makes it real easy to spot someone visiting or just passing through, when they order a drink.

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    Wyomingites don't necessarily need to visit a butcher shop or meat market. It's possible for many to step out their back door and find the next family meal.

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    Wyomingites travel not by miles, but hours! Everything is so far apart many use landmarks as road signs due to the lack of such items in rural areas.

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    It is safe to assume everyone you meet in Wyoming is packing heat. Many Wyomingites are multi- gun owners. Wyoming has some of the highest gun ownership's in the country. The population is small.

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    Some of the tastiest jerky is made by Wyomingites. However, if they want visitors to try the jerky, don't tell 'em what it is before they take a big chomp. Back east jerky is usually beef.

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    Back at number 8 we discussed 'Greenies'. Well, there's one thing Wyomingites and 'Greenies' can agree on. Yes, the Denver Broncos!

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    Good food is found all over Wyoming. You can find a nice juicy steak just about anywhere. You will not find anyone who doesn't love the goodness of these tiny little tots with a huge taste.