Sometimes, you just got it. This kid has a whole lot of it!

15 year old Christone "Kingfish" Ingram can play drums, bass, guitar, and has a set of pipes that would make a church organ jealous. Playing since he was 6, this big-little guy has the chops and skills to make his craft a career. According to his website:

 It is refreshing to see a young person return to his musical roots and master a genre of music that was created and was popular even before his grandparents’ generation and renew its popularity by breathing new life into the music.

Kingfish has shared the stage with household names such as Bob Margolin and Guitar Shorty and has played festivals and venues all over the southern region. He's even opened for Buddy Guy! Even though he’s from the Delta, surrounded by all of its plantations and he travels Highway 49 and Highway 61 on a regular basis, unlike many of his musical predecessors from Mississippi, Kingfish never had to pick cotton or sell his soul to the devil at the infamous Crossroads. Yet, this child prodigy’s soul is possessed with the feeling, passion and fire of the much older men who created the most important genre of American music, the Blues.

No matter what style of music you prefer, props need to be given where they're due. Next time you see this kid - or any kid who plays music - support them. The future of music is in their hands...