I can't imagine what Juanita Beazley goes through on a daily basis. A mother's love is something special... a love like no other. I've never been in the position of having a sick child but would not wish it on anyone.

The pain of wondering if your precious child will live to see their next Christmas, birthday, even next week must take an emotional and physical toll. The constant fear for your child and frustration over not being able to magically heal all that ails them must be heartbreaking.

I received this email while spending time with my own family Christmas Eve. Juanita's story instantly spoke to me. I hope you will join me in praying for Juanita and Aiden and that if you are able to help, you do. The Beazley's aren't from our area, they're from Memphis, but I can only imagine the stress she must be under to reach out so far and wide. I promised Juanita to share she and Aiden's story.

Looking at this photo of Aiden and imagining what this poor child is going through is heartbreaking. The following is the original email I received from Juanita.

I am sure you get swamped with people wanting something!  I never thought I would be one of "those" people,but,that's where I find myself this year! I have a really long story that I have shared with any and everyone I thought may have a heart,unfortunately all of my pleas have fallen on deaf ears,or in this case blind eyes!! I am frustrated,My son will be having his 3rd open heart surgery,he will be 3 on February 20th 2014…..Needless to say,I am scared out of my mind! I created a page for Aiden,my son,pouring my heart out in an attempt do raise money! From Oprah to Kourtney Kardashian and even the NASA website!  I will make this brief,his go fund me page got very little attention,2 weeks in and we had 1 comment and 1 donation (I know it's better than nothing)we are into our 8th week and just reached $425…..I hate being resentful or seeming selfish,however,when a lady started a fund raising page for her CAT,she raised $21,215 in just 3 days!  I had an internet personality promote Aiden on their show,which they did,for a week…..still nothing! We had 3 cars blow an engine this summer…starting with 1,buying a cheap car 2x's only to have them blow too!My son,besides having disabilities,he contracted the H1N1 virus last wednesday,we had no heat at all for a week and the propane company make you pay $65 and required full tank!(in the country) we use a propane tank! I am actually telling you the short version of my story……no Thanksgiving this year,no Christmas either….I may not have Aiden for next years holiday,but ,I gave a girl a mini fridge that she wanted to give her husband for Christmas…although it was free,she still gave me money for Aidens cause,further more,she had a few people donate toys so Aiden could have a christmas,same with a guitar,I gave it to another girl (army wife) FREE,she has an easy page and she is putting 10% of proceeds to Aiden! I had 50 cases of pediasure (case has 24  8oz cans) I donated all to anyone that wanted it,from that I decided to help as much as I can,I started offering free childcare…..I am rambling,I am so sorry!!! We just want him to have a good christmas! you may call me so I can elaborate on this email,if  you want to    (719)930-4534 ! Please share his link   www.gofundme.com/Aidensarmy<http://www.gofundme.com/Aidensarmy>
We are happy with prayers as well! I  am desperate,hurt,depressed and feeling like no one cares! I am so scared!
I am not exaggerating about how many people I have sent that link to,only to be ignored! Most people say I am an angel,I give and give..even when I can't…but none seems to care!!! EXAMPLE: My sister lives in Memphis,where I am from,she calls once or twice a year asking for money so her car doesn't get repoed….I have sent her a little here and there….1 of the vehicles I bought until the Jeep could be fixed was a Rodeo,but by the time the title got here,the jeep was running ok! She called and I told her she could have the Rodeo…She had never come to Colorado,not even for 1 of his open heart surgeries…..free car and she was here in 3 days! I know I sound bitter….I am just a mom trying to make my sons life ….comfortable (odd word but it was what came to mind)! She got back home and for no reason,she started cursing me out,I deleted/blocked her!
PLEASE Share his link,I am hoping for donations,but I would love it if people could say a prayer!
Thank You,
Juanita & Aiden Beazley
PS,I am not sure why I feel the need to tell you that I am from Memphis,I am Irish/German…NM,I am dumbfounded!