Adam Lambert looked like he was celebrating Movember at the 2012 MNet Asian Music Awards. Sporting spikey, two-tone black and silver hair, eyeliner and a bit of a goatee, Glambert took to the stage to perform 'Whataya Want From Me' and 'Trespassing.'

Lambert, rocking black leather pants, matching nail polish and fingerless gloves and a black and yellow spiked biker jacket, took to the stage in Hong Kong and opened with his breakout hit. His intense eye makeup made his baby blues absolutely piercing. The 'American Idol' alum maintained a stern demeanor throughout the performance, matching the somewhat somber, frustrated nature of the song.

When he broke into 'Trespassing,' the title track from his sophomore smash, he was flanked by two dancers in bright yellow Afro wigs that matched his jacket. Lambert clearly had fun with this performance, strutting his hot stuff all over the stage and dancing up a storm. When he sings, "Wait til you get a load of me," the sass is all over his face: He means it!

Though Lambert has yet to tour in support of 'Trespassing,' he's been hitting stages and sets left and right. He recently performed in Cape Town, South Africa, made a cameo on the ABC Family hit 'Pretty Little Liars' Halloween episode and will host VH1's 'Divas Live' concert on Dec. 16.