Carly Rae Jepsen‘s video for ‘This Kiss’ is as adorable as you’d imagine from the starlet. And it turns out, that was no coincidence. The girl knows exactly what she’s doing when she plays the fun, coquettish role in both the clip and her career, evidenced by the behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot.

“Working with Carly is great,” director Justin Francis said. “She’s super involved, really specific and knows exactly what she wants.” Smart girl! “We’ve had a good vibe so we can roll with it and make sure the right stuff ends up onscreen.”

“The concept for my music video ‘This Kiss’ was basically just this awesome party,” Jepsen smiled. “It’s every party I would want to go to, my friends would want to go to.” That explains the 80′s vibe in some scenes — the girl loves her laser backgrounds and retro looks.

“Carly and her friends are having a girls night out, and the cool thing that separates it from everything else is that there’s all these super elaborate photo sets,” Francis explained. Jepsen added, “Every room has kind of its own theme and motif, and I’m chasing a boy around!”

Francis chats some more about the photo sets before revealing the spoiler: Jepsen finally catches the boy she’s chasing in a Caribbean-style scene. “I’m so pumped,” Jepsen said at the end of the shoot. “It’s been quite the two days. And now I’m ready to go party!” Makes sense, considering she worked on this track with party rockers LMFAO, right? In any case, we were ready to go party after watching too. She did her job!