In a new behind-the-scenes look at her 777 Tour, we see a whole lot of luggage and staff before Rihanna rolls up in a chauffeured Escalade. Applying lip gloss in the back seat, she says, "S--- is going to be crazy." C'mon, it's Rihanna. We wouldn't expect anything less.

RiRi could hardly contain her excitement, and even she was in awe of everything coming together. "I just can't wait," she grinned. "I know this is going to be the experience of a lifetime. ... I feel happy about it," she gushed. "I feel like everybody has that energy." Rihanna was most stoked to see her fans. "They're so appreciative," she said of her beloved Navy.

When Rihanna boards the jet, she's visibly enthused. "This is happening! It's starting! Right now. Right now!" She high fives, cheers and spreads the enthusiasm as she walks through the cabin. "Wow, this is crazier than I imagined it in my brain!" She shared some sweet moments with fans, doling out hugs and telling them, "This is what my life is like. Enjoy it or f---ing hate me!"

Drummer Chris Johnson described Rihanna's growth as an artist. "A lot of people don't know exactly what she can do or what she can't do, but I think this next record," he said of 'Unapologetic,' "will tell it all."

When the plane got ready for takeoff, Rihanna got on the intercom and encouraged everyone to get tipsy. "Buckle up your seatbelts and let's get drunk!" Pouring champagne into plastic cups, Rihanna was clearly having the time of her life -- and so was everyone lucky enough to join her.