Reminder that shooting your own fireworks is illegal in Natrona County - which is a great reason to leave it to the professionals, and come join us outside the Casper Events Center for Fireworks Festival 2011!  Ours are bigger anyway, plus we have good food, good beer, and good music.   If you needed any more incentive not to do-it-yourself this year, may we present some of the best fireworks failures ever caught on video.

Compilation video of some good homegrown fireworks gone bad.  Third degree burns are not your friend:

More awesome fireworks failures, from

Redneck DIY firework-making goes horribly wrong:

Luckily, the Casper Ghosts did not hire this guy to launch their fireworks:

Sure, we give you a chance to watch Casper's fireworks in 3D courtesy of Pepsi and their Fireworks Festival Glasses - but we've got nothing on Palmyra, Pennsylvania:

High altitude shell, low altitude launch.  'Nuff said: