Give a man a fish, says the old Bible verse, and you feed him for a day. But what they didn't know back then is that if you give a man a pile of Legos and a camera, you can entertain thousands of people for weeks at a time.

This is what we've discovered thanks to YouTube user Pedro Henrique, who has used his Lego collection and filmmaking equipment (not to mention what we're guessing amounts to thousands of hours of free time) to create Lego versions of popular videos by Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, and many others.

Spoofing or copying music videos is nothing new, of course, but it's rare to see homemade homages created with this much skill and attention to detail -- especially by someone who stands a better chance of receiving a cease-and-desist notice than any real financial reward.

Whatever his motivations, Henrique has amassed quite the collection of videos, with 22 and counting at the time of this writing (his most recent effort, a Lego-ized take on Carey and Ne-Yo's 'Angels Cry,' was uploaded two weeks ago). Check out a few samples of his work below, and be sure to visit his YouTube channel so you can spend the rest of your day watching all 22. That's what we'll be doing, anyway...

Beyonce, 'Single Ladies' (Lego Version)

Lady Gaga, 'You and I' (Lego Version)

Mariah Carey, 'My All' (Lego Version)