Beyonce doesn't stop for a moment's rest. In addition to work on her fifth album, caring for her daughter, performing at the Super Bowl and for Obama, and launching an H&M summer collection, the singer also voices the role of Queen Tara in the upcoming animated 'Epic' movie. You can hear a brief snippet of the track 'Rise Up' (which is featured in the film), in the clip above.

It's only about 25 seconds of music, but from what we can tell from the Sia-penned song, it sounds, well, epic, upbeat and uplifting, just like the animated film in which it's featured. It's steered by Bey's big, bold and beautiful voice. There's no way Blue Ivy won't love this movie -- it's animated and it features Mommy. Hello, it's such a win-win. It was Bey's first project post-giving birth, so it has particular significance and importance now that she's a mom.

You can also watch the trailer below for an idea of what the film is about. Bey's track is not featured in this particular trailer. But you should still watch it, since it lets you grasp the movie's plot and narrative. You're never too old for an animated fantasy that features forest dwellers, either!

The film hits the multiplex on May 24.

Watch the 'Epic' Film Trailer